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Radiation Protection Management Services

-    Radiation Protection Management Systems
-    Government Radiation Regulatory Facilitation (Licensing and Compliance)
-    Secured Storage of Nuclear Materials
-    Radioactive Waste (RW) Disposal
-    Transportation of Radioactive Materials
-    Radiation, Nuclear Facilities, and Decommissioning of Mines
-    Radiological Incident and Accident Emergency Support
-    NORM Management Solutions
-    Consultation, Audits, and Inspections
-    Risk Assessements (HIRA)

Radiological Measurements

-    Occupational Radiation Exposure Monitoring Systems
-    Advanced Metrology – Drone Surveying and High-Performance Imaging Spectrometry
-    Broad-Spectrum Radiological Surveys (alpha, beta, gamma, X-Rays, and Neutron radiation)
-    Radiological Contamination Surveys
-    Radiation Portal Monitors (Nuclear Security)
-    Advanced Radon (Rn-222 and Rn-220) Measurement Solutions
-    Leak Tests
-    Radon Calibration Chamber (coming soon)

Training Courses

-    Various Occupational Radiation Protection Courses (RPOs)
-    Advanced Metrology Solutions
-    Radiation Detection Systems
-    Transportation of Radioactive Materials
-    Nuclear Security
-    Refresher Courses

Product Manufacturing

​​-    Various High-Quality Radiation Shielding Products (CNC)
-    Heavy Industry Components
-    Radon Calibrators
-    RP Barriers
-    Ultra-low activity metal alloys
-    Radium 226 Sources (TAT)

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